04 July, 2011

oS strategy

The voting for the oS strategy ended on the 30th but the board decided to extend it a bit. Which makes sense, quite a few members were not aware of the voting. Seems like many of them don't read the planet very often ;-)

So, we will extend it with two weeks & send out a mail to all members notifying them of the voting...

Obviously, you don't have to wait for that mail - if you read this you can also
go here, log in and vote!

From the email:

What do I vote for?

We realize the vast majority of you simply prefer to focus on writing code and building packages. 'strategy' might not be the most interesting thing in the world. However, it does influence at the very least how we communicate about ourselves and how we are seen. Think about texts on our websites, what our ambassadors say about us at conferences. This is an important goal of the strategy - not only decide upon the direction we want (after all, the current document simply describes the status quo) but also define our communication!

Obviously there are many more reasons why we did the strategy discussion - after all, many people asked for it, not just marketing. But communication is an important part of it... And:

We need to know if the end result of the discussions about strategy reflect how you see openSUSE. Even if you disagree, it is important for us to know that - we accept any outcome!

In short, please vote, even if you want to neither answer yes or no - there is a third option ("Abstain, I can't decide").

Note that the document isn't meant to be final and should be revised in the future. That's also why we're still very much open to feedback!


  1. Will there be a push by the board to verify any outstanding openSUSE membership requests so more keen, current, active members can also vote? I'm still waiting for my request to be approved.. Richard Brown/Sysrich/Ilmehtar

  2. The pool is not there :(
    +I monitor planet daily, and this is the first time I see anything like this :/

  3. @Richard: yes, the team has been asked (a few times) to hurry up and verify outstanding requests.

    @it-s - You can only see the poll if you are logged in. All openSUSE Members (see http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Members ) should be able to log in.


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