13 April, 2011


I've been quite busy over the last few months - after Michael Loeffler left and AJ went on parental leave for 2 months life got crazy. Luckily openSUSE doesn't exactly depend on me and while some things slipped, I don't think big things broke down. Ok, my boss wasn't happy with me as especially internal budget things suffered. I've given those sending me interviews and other writing stuff (like my column for LinuxUser) a very hard time too. And personally, I'm unhappy with it because I tried to do to many things which resulted in many of them unfinished. personal zen 3

back on track

But AJ is back, we're getting some processes on track and the 11.4 release worked out great. So it is time to focus again and get things finished. First is the strategy stuff. The openSUSE Board had a few comments we'll look through, then it should go up for voting. Really. I know, it already needs some updating - we'll try to do that first. Once that is done, it's time to vote on it and get it out however. We need to get the DVD's out which we created for GNOME 3 and KDE. For both I spend a lot of time collecting materials to include on the disk and imho the end result is pretty ok. But there's also room for improvement, something for the future... And we have marketing materials to create for the US. There have been only a few suggestions on the marketing ML so it looks like I'm gonna have to lock myself in my room for a day or two to write some stuff... Finally, I have to catch up with mail. With over 2300 unread mails that'll be quite a job but in some folders I'll probably just mark all read... And then it's on to new stuff!


Last Saturday I gave a talk at a FLISOL meeting - and in the preparations for that I updated a number of presentations I have. Will share them with the marketing team and hopefully put them in Git & the wiki with the marketing materials.

wiki stuff

The openSUSE ambassador talking points have been improving and I'm working on an upcoming features. I've also went through the wiki pages for new contributors, making small changes and adding links there, improving the Junior Jobs pages. Now the openSUSE Boosters are planning to work on that as well, smoothing out the process of getting involved in openSUSE.


Once we have that up, I'd like to investigate openSUSE joining openHatch. For that we'd need junior jobs in a variety of areas as well as mentors - but I think I can just start small. We have a convention in Bugzilla which is followed by practically nobody: mark simple bugs with "JJ" so they can be easily found. I'll try and get a few of those on openhatch, see if we can get a contributor or two to chip in. If that works we have a good reason to expand upon that!

and a promise

Finally I promise to work harder on being available & in meetings - I know I missed a few ;-)


  1. I was reading up your comment on PJ and decided to google your name because it sounded familiar.

    Youre a Novell guy... thats what it was all about. Now I GET it.

    PJ has been attacking Novell since the extortion deal back in 2006 (im a non-compensated hobbyist so that deal was very important to me) and you dont agree with her AND THAT is the reason for not trusting her. Its not about her, her work,.. its about hurt feelings and her picking on your poor little company.

    That part about wanting to know who is paying her kinda reminds me of 'Did you stop beating your wife?'
    THAT too is a perfectly normal question to ask as well.
    The underlying innuendo is all in the mind of the reader, right?

    At first I thought you were a KDE guy so your post was a surprise.
    But 4secs on Google explained it all...

    Leo C.

  2. Ha, that deal is quite long history, at least as far as I'm concerned. I've only worked for Novell for under 8 months and in 2006 I was indeed a 'KDE guy', who couldn't care less about legal stuff, frankly.

    I'm still not very interested, only when PJ commented (ranted) on some stuff we've been trying to do in openSUSE (the Foundation) and was so horribly wrong about stuff which was completely public (reading a ML would have been enough to not write something silly) I started to wonder who he/she/they was/were/are and what agenda they have/had. I wasn't really interested in the whole SCO thing, again, I guess the person or persons behind Groklaw did fine there.

    But they were horribly off-mark with the only article I knew anything about - so why would I trust them with anything else?


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