07 August, 2010

Dot readership

Hi all,

A while ago I asked for comments from readers of the dot. There was a lot of valuable feedback which was noted by the dot editors and I'd like to summarize some of the findings. The dot team has unfortunately been quite busy with Real Life (TM) lately so we haven't had much chance of discussing the results yet but some things are already under way.

Ideas and feedback

  • Introduce a Like button - status: To be discussed

  • Pace of articles - OK, so we keep the speed at 1 article/day

  • More technical content like the famous 'Pillars of KDE 4' series by Troy - though one. The dot depends on YOU for content, at least to a large extend. While the promo team writes articles like interviews and reports from meetings, we often lack the technical skills/knowledge to really write about what's upcoming. We might be able to do something like a weekly report on what has been on the planet in terms of upcoming things, but otherwise - we need help from developers or interested users who follow eg mailinglists and commit logs to write about development. Of course kde-promo and the dot editors are more than happy to help with that - even a braindump is often plenty for us to go with and churn out a good article. So send us stuff, please!

  • Allow anonymous comments - working on that. The amount of spam is an issue here but the sysadmin team works on improving the dot to handle it easier and a few dot editors have stepped up to moderate a bit more. But people also mention they go to the KDE forums to discuss articles. Fine with us. FYI, the articles are put on the news section of the forums here. You don't seem to be able to post comments there, however.

  • Introduce or preview apps - like the technical content, it would need a bit more input from the community. If you've seen a new app, let us know! Especially if you have time for a short writeup (again, we fix Spanglish, Germanglish and other language abuse all the time, it's OK if you don't write so well).

  • Bring the commit digest back! - Oh yeah. We want that as much as you all do. Danny has been working on a webinterface to 'crowdsource' the work, and we hope at some point he'll be able to finish this so we can move on this. EDIT Danny has blogged that he's indeed going to do this hopefully asap! EDIT2 and now his pretty blog design also works in Chromium ;-)

  • OpenID from KDE - don't count on that. It is a lot of work to be an OpenID provider, and the KDE sysadmins don't seem to feel like doing that work. It's not really our place anyway. But there is work on having a single logon system in all KDE infrastructure, which should alleviate the pain a bit.

  • Articles from the dot on planet KDE - not a bad idea at all. It's under discussion now ;-)

  • Articles about the vision and future of KDE - yes. Good one. The discussion about that is often happening on Planet KDE, but could also be summarized on the dot. I call on those leading that discussion to think about posting their thoughts to the dot once in a while! And hopefully somebody reading this feels like summarizing the discussion for the dot every now and then ;-)

  • OpenID more prominently - under discussion ;-)

  • I can help! - Good! We need two types of help: editing/reviewing (= become a cool dot editor. Just mail dot-editors on kdeorg for info); and writing of articles (contact kde-promo on kdeorg or me or dot-editors).

And in generaly most commenters said they love the dot. We as dot editors like that ;-)

the dot matters!

News from the dot is picked up by quite a few major news sites like LWN.net and (soon) linux.com - so don't underestimate the readership of the dot. Think about that when you write an interesting blog about what has been going on in your app lately, or when you announce something on your blog! These things can easily go on the dot, so contact us a few days in advance so we can schedule things. And yes, you can still blog things you put on the dot, we don't care about being exclusive or anything ;-)



  1. With regards to the forum section, commenting is disabled there to prevent duplication with the Dot itself.

    - bcooksley, Forum Administrator

  2. I really like the dot, so it's nice to see you're trying to improve it even more.

    About some of the points: As the dot is based on Drupal you should be able to cope with Spam quite good. You can either try a simple bayesian filter with http://drupal.org/project/spam, or a SOA based approach like Mollom (http://drupal.org/project/mollom) or Akismet/Defensio (http://drupal.org/project/antispam). There is also a ready-to-use facebook like button implementation (http://drupal.org/project/fb_social) as well as for other community sites (http://drupal.org/project/service_links for Buzz Yahoo, del.icio.us, Digg, reddit, etc.).
    For voting you can use the simplistic http://drupal.org/project/vote_up_down (binary votes) or the more fancy fivestar (http://drupal.org/project/fivestar).

  3. "# OpenID from KDE - don't count on that. It is a lot of work to be an OpenID provider, and the KDE sysadmins don't seem to feel like doing that work. It's not really our place anyway. But there is work on having a single logon system in all KDE infrastructure, which should alleviate the pain a bit."

    Why not just enable Google profiles? With OAuth each user could be logging with it's Google Account. Much more painless ;)

  4. "But there is work on having a single logon system in all KDE infrastructure"

    Great news!

  5. I sincerely hope that the "Like button" referred to here will not be (like) Facebook Like button, but would respect the readers' privacy.

  6. @Ben C: Tnx, yes, that makes sense.

    @Scroogie: tnx for the info, I hope the sysadmins will read it. Otherwise, if you have input or want to help work on this, PLEASE mail dot-editors on the kde.org server :D

    @Кирил Владимиров: OAuth could be useful, not sure of the privacy ramifications here. As Matija already mentiones, privacy and security are very important.

  7. Hey Jos,
    I think i've fixed the most important issues people have mentioned about my site, so you can remove the chromium warning now :)

    Also, the permanent link for my blog post is http://dannyallen.co.uk/blog/post/its-coming-back


  8. Promote your other KDE campaigns.
    The KDE promo has a great series of videos (which proudly proclaim at bottom: upload by an Eyephone) but unless you are subscribed to their channel, how are you supposed to know?
    Dont be afraid to embed a youtube video sometimes.

    If you build it and dont let anyone know, no one will come.

    Better coordination like that.

  9. good point, last anonymous! Will relay it.


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