03 July, 2010

Akademy 2010 started

Yay, sitting here in the big room listening to a MeeGo talk by Valtteri. He's not exactly the business type I expected, btw, he doesn't even wear a suit... For somebody who's a 'director' he looks rather normal ;-)

So yes, the trip was just fine - I expected to travel alone but ended up in the "Akademy flight". From NL to Helsinki we were with about 5 people, from Helsinky to Tampere the airplane had almost 50% Akademy visitors... Nice timing.

The party was great, and I enjoyed the 2-1 vs Brazil, but didn't get drunk as my belly decided to step in and tell me to go back to the hotel. I'm getting used to my lack of intelligence when it comes to handling my body... Eating almost nothing for a full day during the traveling, then having a few beers, then eating way to fast and too much. I do it every darn time...

And now I'm hungry as I didn't manage to find breakfast.

Luckily there will be lunch soonish and I also look forward to meeting the other promo peeps, walking around, talking to people I haven't seen in a while, listening to talks and all the stuff one typically does at the coolest conference in the year.

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