08 May, 2009

OpenSuse Community Week

If you've wanted to contribute to FOSS but have no clue how - there's the OpenSuse Community Week for ya. The idea is not only to do something useful right there and then, but also to help others get involved. Throw some community building in the mix and you have the typical combination of fun, learning & being productive which is so typical of a Free Software community.

Of course there will be KDE ppl there, check the KDE schedule. Rob Scheepmaker, Marco Martin and Kevin Krammer will be there - and there is plenty of room for more so sign up if you think you can help others to get involved! I'm contemplating to join the Marketing Schedule - depends on how much time I have and whether joining the KDE schedule seems more appropriate ;-)

Talking about time, I sometimes wonder if I take this workaholic thing too far... I was home from work last night at 20:45 and up and working on KDE promo stuff at 5:00 this morning. Aaah well, I'm having fun, and I don't do that every day (I wish I had the stamina...).

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  1. Note from the future: Looks like I DID take that workaholic thing a tad too far, I'm currently recovering from a burnout :D


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