16 December, 2008

kwin screencast

Hi everyone,

For a presentation I gave last saturday I made a KWin screencast showing off KDE beta 2 stuff. Quality in Youtube is rather low, but viewable (with annotations). Here you go.

And here's blib.tv (better quality & oggfile available).


edit: blip.tv is still transcoding the video to a flash-format, so you can now only view the ogg file if your system/OS is capable of viewing that format. I wouldn't know why it wouldn't be as the video format doesn't have any associated costs or royalties and has been around for years. But if it is not available for you, you just have to wait for the flash version to be ready...


  1. that's nice! you guys rock!!

  2. That really looks great. I hope open source ATI drivers will already support this out of the box in opensuse 11.1.

    What I'd really love though would be the option to only trigger some action when I move the mouse into one screen edge AND press the right mouse button at the same time. Without the additional mouse click these actions get triggered accidentally to often so I don't use screen edges. So that would be a useful feature for me.

  3. Nice video, thank you.

    Can I suggest you just one thing?

    In the screen edges tab, is nice to be able to select individual actions per edge, but the way you are implementing this is wrong, IMHO.

    The problem is that the menu with the actions is not visible. The solution to that is place the list of actions on the side of the "screen with the squares". Also, the text need to point the user that he can select individuals actions clicking in each "square" (edge).

    Thank you.

  4. Nice cast, too bad about the artifacts though. If you use the video record plugin it shouldn't occur (But it eats HDD space like no tomorrow and it's difficult to transcode).

    I was planning to make my own sometime over the next month, I'll just add a video response to the YouTube one once I get around to doing it. It won't be a fancy one, just one that shows all the new stuff.


    The active screen corner tab was pretty much added at the last moment before feature freeze, because of this it's very, very ugly. I added a description at the bottom to explain to the user how to use it but I agree there should be comboboxes on the side similarly to how OS X does it. There will be improvements in KDE 4.3.

  5. Great Video presenting the great work done by the kwin team...

  6. Great work, can't wait to the final release!!!


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