10 August, 2008

Akademy 2008 - day 1

First: Akademy rocks.

Now that's out of the way, I'd like to ask everyone who has made some great pictures to email them to me. You know, jospoortvliet on the KDE servers. Pretty please?

Further - Akademy rocks, really does. Having fun... But you know, if ppl would send pictures, I wouldn't have to worry about the daily articles having no pictures in them...

Aaah well, luckilly, it's fun here. I think I can say Akademy rocks. And if anyone has things which should be on the dot, besides pictures, please get the ideas to the press room or email danny and me ;-)

Last night was cool, had fun, beer, food (ate too much but that's rather normal for me). Did I mention I like Akademy?

Oh, and take a sec to thank those ppl walking around with these yellow KDE lanyards, as they're working their asses off to make Akademy rock as much as it does!

For those waiting for the daily article - as you might have guessed, it only needs a couple of photos and it's ready.

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