12 May, 2008

New screencasts

Next week will be the Dutch Ubuntu Release Party. Not sure where that link points too - it shows the dutch release party page for me, but being a rather generic URL - www.releaseparty.eu - I guess one could expect to get a local page served or something. If that's true it would be both neath and annoying.

Anyway. I also gave a talk about KDE 4.1 at Guademy in Valencia (Spain) a couple of weeks ago. It went relatively well, except for the live preview. Shouldn't have done that - not only didn't it work very well, it also destroyed the whole 'flow'. Got lost, so to say. That's why for the Ubuntu Release Party I've spend the last 2 days making screencasts of what I want to show. Took a lot of time so I began uploading them to Youtube. They were made in 1024x768 resolution (My little laptop uses that res natively, and I hope to encounter beamers with the same resolution) for a sharp image.

Guess what Youtube did to them... Yeah, they look horrible.

Now I want to put them online somewhere. But they are - well, what is big? 100 mb together. So, first I decided to create a torrent. Which can be found HERE. Please seed, and ehm - I have a horribly slow upload so it's gonna take a while...

I will also try to find a location to put the files online for faster and easier download, but for now the torrent is all I have.

If you insist on viewing the Youtube videos (or just can't wait a couple of days until the torrent is done downloading :D) just go to my profile on Youtube.

Edit: that was quick - already 4 ppl on torrent. One even KTorrent 3.0.2, I wonder why that person wants to see the videos ;-)
Anyway, if they all share, speed might not be that bad.

Edit2: apparently, it's videos not video's ;-) And screencasts would be even more correct, right?
Downloading the screencasts should be pretty fast now, btw, 25 seeders...


  1. Another download location:

  2. Downloading via the torrent, will seed them for few days!

    Do you know a server only (that is, without gui) torrent program that I can use to seed them on my dedicated server (which has obviously more bandwidth than my personal internet connexion) ?

  3. A quick apt-cache search for me reveals:

    -BTPD (http://www.murmeldjur.se/btpd/)
    - Clutch (https://launchpad.net/clutch)
    - rTorrent (http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/)

    I think i'm going to install clutch and see what happens.

  4. http://www.rapidshare.com allows you to host up to 100MB and is very fast. Other freehosts aren't quite as fast but don't have rapidshare's annoying captchas.

    And didn't Google Video allow you to use different resolutions and codecs? Although I don't know if it went up to 1024x768.

  5. "Videos" (as in one video, two videos) doesn't have an apostrophe in it!

    There's only one in a sentence like this: The video's title is "How to properly use apostrophes".

  6. Downloaded the videos 35min ago. Already above ratio 1 :-) Will seed for a while.

  7. Have you tried vimeo or blip tv. Theygive users more freedom and better resolution. Vimeo even offers HD 720.

  8. releaseparty.eu is only for the Dutch release party. I don't understand it either, but I didn't register it. :P Your idea makes more sense. I think they chose "releaseparty.eu" because "releaseparty.nl" was already taken.

    Cool video's.

  9. Wow, these are very cool - I particularly like the shiny new kwin effects compared to 4.0.x

  10. The videos already look a bit better if you switch to high quality by adding &fmt=18 to the end of the URL. For example: Demoing some other applications in KDE 4.1 alpha 1

    The only thing is that sometimes the player just seems to "crash" (player disappears and only a grey rectangle is left).

    And sometimes the player just seems to get stuck in the beginning showing only ablack screen but toggling between "standard" and "high" quality using the link below the video normally "wakes it up".

    Yeah, not a really good solution I know :)

  11. Well when I started seeding the file the swarm speed was about 600 KB/s and had 4 seeders. Now it's 1.6 MB/s and has 30 seeders. Yay.

    I'll seed all night and probably all day tomorrow too.

    The videos look really good too. I'm using kde 4.0.3 right now as my main desktop and I can't wait until some of these features in 4.1 come to my desktop (i use kubuntu packages). mmmm tasty.

  12. I made pretty good experiences uploading such things to dailymotion. They have a *much* higher video quality when it comes to screencasts.

  13. wouldn't it make more sense if plasma's activities were synonymous with virtual desktops? when you first zoom out, that's the impression most people will most likely get anyways

    also, I've posted this to digg, hope you don't mind!

  14. For those that prefer to download over http I've uploaded the files to my server here.

    Go your hardest! :)

  15. Wow. this really looks awesome. KDE 4.1 is shaping up to be some very slick desktop witz very strong and modern foundations. Keep up the great work.

    @ mike wyatt: dugg

  16. Very sexy screencasts !!

    Thank you.


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