18 January, 2008

KDE release event & google!

So we're in the US now. Never been here before, so I must say, kind' a weird. Interesting, too. Surprisingly good food, the beer imho isn't as bad as pictured before. The people are nice as well, but roads are worse than in Belgium. And Helio bought a PS3 (which I haven't seen in action, but I suppose it's cool too).

Yeah, the event. Really great, really enjoyed yesterday. Did you know google ppl are very cool? Unfortunately, the google marketing ppl don't want us to give them proper credit... They read through my daily article, to ensure I didn't mention them too much. Feels kind'a weird - after all, in a FOSS community like ours, giving proper credit is like a second nature, you know?

So that's why I wanted to thank them here - they can't forbid me to blog... They provided us with a hotel, food, they organized like almost everything - put some very dedicated ppl here, who are helping us any way they can, even helped us finish the beer last night (they were good at that). They're even gonna work saturday just to get us a cool third day... Oh, and they provided a bus to travel from the hotel and back (with a google-minded chauffeur). Did I mention the excellent food? T-shirts printed by them for every KDE hacker? Meanwhile, I'm not even allowed to take a picture of the great google people helping us - yeah, gotta be kiddin', right? Nope, I may not talk about them, use names, nor pictures. 'It should be about KDE'.

Here's a picture of three of the great google ppl helping us to get rid of some alcoholic beverages. Big thanks to them!

Well, this won't help create more cool conspiracy theories, you know... Tuesday I stumbled upon a great one, which was about KDE-on-Windows. Apparently, Google initiated the KDE-on-Windows thing. So I talked about this to the other 4 hackers around me, one of which was actually Holger, the KDE guy who started KDE-on-Windows 5 years ago. He still thought it was because his employer didn't allow him to put linux on his windows-laptop, but when we talked about it with the google people they acknowledged Google indeed was using some search-engine-mojo to brainwash people into doing stuff like that...

Now the talk by Aaron is coming up so I'm gonna go back to writing on the daily article - it gotta be a nice one for today ;-)


  1. Hi Jos,

    Just a note about the better than expected food, do remember that you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, which (like California in general) has a far higher quality fresh vegitable supply than the rest of the US. The bay area also competes with places like Paris, Sydney, and London for quality restaurant cooking.


  2. KDE-on-Windows *was* initiated by Google. Why else do you think it was first announced at the KDE 4 Release Party?

  3. Thanks for the props! It was our pleasure to host the event.

  4. Awww Jos, you shouldn't have. No, seriously. You shouldn't have.

    J/K :P It was great meeting you in person!

  5. I agree, really nice meeting you Jos, and all the other KDE folks. An unforgettable trip!


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