29 December, 2007

performance and Qt 4.4

And again I blog about performance in KDE 4. In my last blog about that, I did express the hope the Trolls would be able to fix the issue. So, today, I tried to test the cool alien widgets which are supposed to fix flicker-when-resizing! To cut right to the chase, no, it didn't work. Blegh.

I know I'm a sucker for speed. I want my computer to wait for me, not the other way around. I mean, a machine which can easily do millions of computations a second should be fast enough to keep up with my freakingly slow brain, right? It can take up to 1/10th of a second for a signal to travel from one end of the human brain to the other - that's not even the same league as my PC is playing in... Not to mention it has two cores and 3 GB of ram to go with that insane clockspeed ;-)

So I have played with kernel patches (Con Kolivas' work is and has always been amazing in that regard). I've tried Gentoo (aw, yes, I did...). With newer GCC, X.org and linux IO and process scheduler versions, my KDE got much more smooth. Not perfect, no - but my biggest gripe, application startup speed, well - that's covered now. KDE 3.5.x didn't do badly, but if you see the difference with KDE 4 - you're gonna be surprised. Really.

Unfortunately, as I found out some time ago, drawing performance has gone through the drain in KDE 4. Now that issue is less important. Having to wait for an application to start up is annoying - you actually have to wait. If an application redraws slow, that means resizing a window won't look good. That's about it. Not a huge deal, if it wasn't for all the cool eyecandy in KDE 4 (oxygen, animations). Really, it doesn't fit very well if your apps look bloody cool but resizing causes epileptic seizures... Besides, it's not only the resizing, but also the panning of an image in Gwenview and the autoscroll feature in Konqi. The latter manages to use up to 40% of one CPU core, and the former also redraws visibly slow.

As a non-hacker, I'm not sure all issues I find are even related - but hey, one can try to figure out the issue anyway. So, here are suggested reasons for bad performance:
- Oxygen style is slow. Yep, it's a bit slower than for example QtCurve, but not much. Not THE problem.
- Qt doublebuffering is slowing everything down. Nope, disabling makes the application flicker horribly, but it won't be any faster.
- 3D stuff is slow. Sure is, but I ran the apps in KDE 3, no compositing. Not the issue.

So, now I wonder if the slowness could be fixed by the Alien Widgets, which have arrived in Qt 4.4 snapshots.

I downloaded a Qt 4.4 snapshot (today's snapshot, from 29-12-2007), compiled and installed it, and recompiled KDE with it. As I already said - no improvement, at least not as far as I could tell. Sure, with QtCurve the issue did get better, but still - if you have the KDE 3 dolphin resize almost entirely smooth, while the KDE 4 one paints visibly (I could count the number of repaints when resizing if I wanted to) - not good.

The panning in Gwenview isn't faster either, but I guess that doesn't have much to do with the alien widgets thing. I couldn't test konqi scrolling, it doesn't load webpages with Qt 4.4 ;-)

So, it's not the Alien widgets which will come to rescue KDE 4 from bad drawing performance... I see currently one possible reason for the bad speed. An anonymous reader pointed out in my last blog how Qscrollbar isn't that fast:
It seems related to QScrollBar.
Profiling konqueror in auto-scroll mode, I obtain 50% (!!) of the time spent just repainting the scrollbar.

I found no bugreports for this in TT's bugtracker (if the anonymous reader is reading this, maybe he/she should file a bug?). I'm afraid KDE 4.0 and 4.1 will have this issue - IF this gets fixed, it most likely will take until KDE 4.2 is out for this to get into the users hands. Unless the Trolls decide it's important enough for a bugfix release, of course... Personally, I hope so, this really looks bad.

Further info:
I use the following additional cmake-options in my .kdesvn-buildrc:
-> that should lead to no debug symbols, if I understood some recent threads properly.
I've tried several styles, from the with Qt included clearlooks, QtCurve and default Oxygen. Yes, Oxygen is a bit slower with its cool background gradient, but it's not like the other ones are smooth anyway.

One last thing, of course all this might be my fault. I think I do know a little about compiling and stuff, but I'm not a code writer, and profiling is scary for me. So maybe I've made a horrible mistake, and the KDE 4.0 packages my distribution will provide soon after the release (love the rolling release schedule in Arch) will be as fast as a fox. And I don't mean FireFox, as that must be the most horribly slow painting application we have on linux (and windows and Mac OS X).

Let's hope so.