13 May, 2007


While we already had a few KDAB developers hanging and hacking around, we got another visitor: Sebastian Pipping. He happend to be close by, and decided to drop in. He is a Kate developer, currently mainly working on multi-line regular expression search. With the current Kate infrastructure that's pretty hard to do, and he is looking for libraries to make his life easier. Qt won't really help him, as it would be far too slow on big files, and had been looking at Boost. He described the relevant Boost library in pretty euforic statements, but then mentioned he tried to forget about it, as he was convinced Boost was simply not an option, not now, not ever, never... Now I did notice there was some discussion on the kde-devel mailinglist, and even if that wasn't the case - if boost can help so well, it's bad not to be able to consider it, right?