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People person, technology enthusiast and all-things-open evangelist. I have managed and marketed communities for over a decade, getting started in the KDE community, followed by working as openSUSE Community Manager at SUSE and now managing community matters at ownCloud. I'm busy growing the ownCloud community, speaking at and organizing conferences and writing about my passions ranging from psychology and people in communities to innovative technology. I take care of my dog together with my wife in beautiful Berlin and you can find me also on Twitter and Diaspora!

18 May, 2014

ownCloud meetup in Berlin!

Wednesday this week (May 21), we'll have the first ownCloud Hacktisch meetup at C-base in Berlin. It is planned to meet every third Wednesday of the month to spend time on improving ownCloud: hacking, translating, finding bugs and so on.

The meeting is open for everybody and of course you should bring your laptop! It starts at 19:00 at C-Base, Rungestra├če 20 in Berlin. You can RSVP at

Besides a laptop, I suggest you bring a good mood and a few euro's to buy a bottle of club Mate.

See you there!