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16 August, 2013

Help KDE Communicate Frameworks 5 and the Future of KDE!

With the 4.11 release out of the door (yay!) there is more and more focus on what is coming from KDE in the future. The Workspaces (and only the workspaces) are out with a long term support release: for the next two years, the Plasma team will keep churning out bugfix and tiny-feature releases for the Workspaces 4.11 release.

Meanwhile, the libraries essentially have already been in long term support since their 4.9 version, with only minor changes coming in (with a few exceptions like Nepomuk). Most Platform developers are focusing on Frameworks 5, which will bring some exciting changes to our libraries and the way they are laid out. This will open up our libraries to users outside of the KDE world, potentially widening the 'KDE ecosystem' significantly. And we need to communicate this!

The applications on the other hand are expected to do couple of more releases before a (probably gradual?) transition to Frameworks 5. And who knows what will happen then?

How confusing!

All this means some confusion. We've already seen the first articles where elements of the above are mis-understood. It is time we do some work on clarification and get a dot article out on where we are going. I have made a 'skeleton' article, with the most important facts (like the above!) and links and hints to where to learn more.

It might sound like a terribly complicated thing, and to some extend - it is. But at the same time, it has all been explained in various places already, most of the writing is just bringing things together. So you don't need to know that much about the whole thing to do a good job! Who feels like doing this? You can contact me (I can't believe my mail address is hard to find on the web, considering how much spam I get :D) or ask on, our mailing list.

Who's up for it?