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12 February, 2013

Impressive popcorn

Yesterday, our little Popcorn had to undergo an operation on her knee. Of course we were very worried and when we got back a completely loopy doggy, Camila almost canceled her trip to Spain. But in the end, she entrusted our girl to my care.

This morning I gave Popcorn some time to sleep in and asked her if she was interested in talking a walk around 11:30. Well, she was - almost jumped out of the bed, which probably would've landed us right back at the hospital. Outside, she limped around like she didn't have a big surgery last night! The resilience of this little girl surprises me. I'll have to keep a close eye on her, if I don't she'll be walking stairs and jumping on stuff in no time and the doctor said she can't...

For your amusement, some pictures. No pictures of a drugged Popcorn, that's not appropriate for little children and besides, we didn't take any.

My girls :D

Running around like nothing's ever gonna take her down

"I usually can get under there so why wouldn't I be able to do that now? Sure I can..."

This is where she'll stay so I can keep an eye on her!

Time for a nap