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12 June, 2012


COSCUP is Taiwan's biggest FOSS tech event, full of exciting technology and great people. As you might know, this year COSCUP will feature a special track dedicated to KDE and openSUSE!

Call for Papers closing!

The call for papers for this Feature track at COSCUP will close in just a few days - June 15 to be exact. So you have to hurry up sending in your proposal - there's a huge audience waiting for your input!

We're still very much looking for subjects including localization and local FOSS community work, packaging and distribution technology, desktop technologies and development, cross-project collaboration and cloud computing tech.

Note that despite the long tradition of close collaboration between KDE and openSUSE, both communities welcome talks not directly related to either of those. KDE on other Linux distributions or non-KDE desktop technologies on openSUSE are very much encouraged to send in proposals too!

Again, the call for papers ends on June 15. Please email a proposal of about 200 words, accompanied by a ~50 word biography, in either English or Chinese, to the Program Committee before that date.

Program Committee

The Program Committee for the KDE/openSUSE track at COSCUP consists of the following people:
  • Franklin Weng (KDE)
  • Aaron J. Seigo (KDE)
  • Sakana (openSUSE)
  • Al Cho (openSUSE)
  • Bryen Yunashko (openSUSE)
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman (the Linux Foundation)